Maya Derkovic Interview with LE December 14, 2009

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    Taped Transcript
    Maya Derkovic
    (LE) YM
    December 14, 2009

    So that's how we started becoming friends 'cause I used to always say, don't worry about that, don't listen to them its alright. And little by little her visits started coming. Her parents would come and that's when she would make comments about her mom. And I asked her, well how was your visit, how'd it go? And she'll make the comment like, well its alright at least the ***** knows how I feel now.
    But after a while too she'll when I talk to her, like the night that her body was found. When the chaplain came in. Chaplain went inside her cell and she was in there for I don't know how long. I guess it was, 'cause couple of minutes, I'm not sure. When she came out I was sitting on my floor waiting for her to come to the door and I asked her, "are you okay?" I rolled down the window, "are you okay?" and she was like, "yeah I'm alright." And she got up and went to the mirror and did her hair and was laughing. It was...I don't get that.
    And we're just on the other side of the dorm. And the dorms really not that big. And when I sit on the floor there's a window on the bottom, where you can sit on the floor and see all around the dorm. And her...her door was right in front of, it was right across from me on the bottom. So, she'll sit on the floor and I'll sit on the floor. Which is right on the window.
    Or you write it out, you spell it on the window. So that's what I did that night. I spelled out "are you okay" on the window. And she said, "yeah," she just nodded her head yeah. And she got up and went in the mirror and was playing with her hair, brushing her hair and stuff. Just...she turned on the radio and she was just okay. Like she was laughing and she was alright. And when she came back we were in a whole 'nother conversation she was just giggling and laughing and...they just found the baby's body. I mean how are you laughing how are you giggly? And...
    LE: Uh-huh
    ...I don't understand that.
    That night she was just brushing it off like it was nothing. It was just another day to her it was nothing. And she...that's another time where she made the comment, "well the ***** knows what it feels like now." And I'm guessing she's always talking about her mom 'cause her mom's the only ***** that she ever talked about. She always referred to her mom as a *****. So that's the only way that we could actually communicate, talk like normal. If she comes out and sits in the day room and if you talk normal we can hear each other.
    LE: Did said before we went on tape Casey told you different stories about what happened when you asked her. That's when you guys were talking through the vent?
    Yeah, I was, we were talking through the vent and I asked her, "well what happened you know the night that Caylee disappeared?" Caylee disappeared and uhm, at first she told the same story that was broadcasted on the news about her dropping the baby off at the baby sitter. And the baby sitter kidnapped her. It was, it was the same exact story that I seen on the news.
    But it was different times. She said that um, she called the baby sitter over to her house 'cause she wanted to go out. So she called the baby sitter over to her house. When she got back that night the baby sitter and the baby were gone. Then, third story was, that the baby sitter came over and they were, I guess somewhere in the back in Caylee's room or something. I'm not sure just said they were on the other side of the house like in the back. That, uhm, she went out to the store only for a few minutes, she came right back. And they were gone there was a note like it was an abduction. So that was the three stories that I heard.
    LE: Did she ever tell you she was frustrated because we weren't actually looking for the nanny? Did she ever say, hey you know that is where she is?
    LE: She ever say that you know she wanted help? What she would do to find her?
    No. Seeing herself on the news, hearing people talk about it, it was all fun and games to her. It was funny to her, it was exciting. When she found out that she was going national, like it was national news now to her it was exciting. It was...
    LE: How...
    ...funny to her.
    LE: What made it exciting? What made it fun? How you...
    Because her knowing that people know about her and know her name. Its like she felt like okay I'm famous in a way. She made a comment before like, I'm not sure what magazine it was. But uhm, she saw it was one of those news magazines.
    LE: Uh-huh
    Like the uhm newspaper magazines. And she saw her face on the cover of it. So she asked me before I think that maybe she can write a book about what happened. Maybe she could(inaudible)
    LE: She's saying this...
    ...a movie.
    LE: She's saying this to you before the body was even found?
    Before, this was...
    LE: About writing a book? Making a movie?
    ...way before the body was found. It was when, it was basically like the first, I think it was the first two or three months that it was real chaotic about her.
    LE: Uh-huh
    She was all over the news, all over newspapers everything.
    But she was on the cover and she asked me do I think that maybe they'll write a book about her or you know would there be a movie written about her. Can she write a book. And I was like, yeah I guess everybody writes a book about themselves, okay.
    LE: She ever talk about Caylee?
    No. I used to try to ask her like well...I use...I asked her before, do you have any pictures of her? And she was like no. And I used to be like make little comments like about seeing her on the TV, "she was beautiful, I think she looked just like you," like you know to her and kind of try and console her in a way. But she never really talked about it. She never said thank you for telling her baby was beautiful. She just...never mentioned her. The only time she mentioned her was saying that maybe she should've waited to have a baby. Because she was young and wanted to live life. Maybe she should've never had a baby before...a baby was stopping her from living life and partying. And a lot of times it interfered with having boyfriends, having a child. And that's the only time she mentioned the baby.
    She never mentioned she was worried about it, hoped she was okay? anything like that?
    No. No. (sic) While they were shackling her up, while the officers are putting the handcuffs on her and stuff. People would yell through the door, "where's Caylee? baby killer! where's Caylee? baby killer! where's Caylee? baby killer?" And she'll laugh and smile like it was nothing. She'll just start giggling and laughing. And ah that right there shows you really she don't care. I mean they were trying to the nasty but to her it was funny.
    LE: Well did she ever tell you how she would take care of her or anything like that?
    No, well what she said was that sometimes when she wanted to go, went out and not let anybody sit her or anything. Not leave her with her parents. That she 'll go out after Caylee went to sleep. That she'll sometimes knock her out and make her go to sleep until she got back. And when she gets back home she was asleep. 'Cause to her I guess it was, its easier that way because her mom was already saying that she was an unfit mom. And that she was already you know talking about taking Caylee from her. So, to her just doing it that way secretively, nobody really knows so she...that's the only time that she ever talked about how she handled her. But she never told me nothing else about it.
    Most of the time we talked about stupid stuff, we goofed around. It was just through out the whole couple of months that I was there with her. That's when she made little comments. When I might ask her about something she'll make comments about it or laugh about something that is not funny. Being on the news and people yelling at her "baby killer, where's Caylee?" Stuff like that, that's not funny, she'll laugh about it.
    LE: Did she actually use the word knockout when she...
    LE: ...was talking about...okay so she...those were words that she uttered?
    Yeah that's a quote unquote.

    Except from Maya D interview with LE. FWIW. Mods if you do not want this to be it's own thread, please remove. Thank you. :)

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