MD - Brooke Hart, 4 mos, shaken to death, Lexington Park, 8 Aug 2010

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    St. Mary's grand jurors have indicted a Lexington Park man on charges including second-degree murder from his infant son's death last summer, renewing a case that earlier had been dismissed.

    St. Mary's prosecutors dismissed the child abuse charge against the suspect, now 22, last November as they awaited an autopsy report. Hart's lawyer had expressed hope at that time that once prosecutors received and reviewed the autopsy report, they would decide not to further pursue the matter.

    The detective wrote in charging papers that Brian Hart admitted picking the baby up "with great force" and shaking her to get her to go to sleep, and in a separate incident, again picking her up forcefully, allowing her head to snap back.


    RIP Brooke :(
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