MD - Coast Guard Lt. Christopher Paul Hasson, plotted white supremacist mass murder, Feb 2019

Discussion in 'Rampage Killings and Terrorist Attacks' started by Wagtales10, Feb 20, 2019.

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    Yes, but maybe not for a while.

    With just the gun and drug charges, he is facing 30 years of federal time if given the maximum on each charge and then ordered to serve them consecutively. At the very least, the hit list is going to be an aggravating circumstance.

    As for the absence of the terrorism charges…..

    Federal prosecutors have been recently accused of trumping up charges or contriving aggravating situations in some recent extremism trials.

    This has led to juries being less than impressed with charges that three Ohio Earth Firster types had, in between pot smoking binges, seriously plotted to blow up bridges and dams during rush hour. Likewise, juries have not convicted the leaders of the Oregon standoff of serious terrorism charges after concluding that some aggravating circumstances were artificially contrived by paid informants.

    Though none of the above circumstances may apply to this case, previous mis steps may of made persecutors hesitant to bring terrorism charges unless supported by very clear evidence of intent to carry out attacks- not just jotting down a list of “people I don’t like” while on “ ‘roids”.
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    I think a lot of it is the whole 'ZOMGSOMEONEGOTHISGUNSTAKENAWAY" about which some people get all butthurt even in a case like this where it's justified.
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    I wonder if he had any contact with the terrorists from today's mass attack in Christchurch NZ?
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