MD - Daniel Shuler, 39, shot to death, Silver Spring, 6 Nov 2005

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    After a months-long fight over her boyfriend's alleged infidelity, a Silver Spring woman told police that she fatally shot him this weekend out of "fear, anger and humiliation," according to a court document.

    Dale Pate Hicks, 52, was charged with second-degree murder in the slaying of Daniel Lee Shuler, 39. Montgomery County District Judge Patricia L. Mitchell set bail yesterday at $150,000.

    Hicks and Shuler had been dating for about two years. He moved into her two-story house, in the 12300 block of Herrington Manor Drive, about six months into the relationship.

    Over the past four months, "their relationship had begun to deteriorate after Hicks confronted Shuler with evidence that he was involved in a relationship with another woman," the charging document says.

    On Friday night, an argument turned physical. That night, Hicks told Shuler to find another place to live, according to the document. The fight escalated the next morning. At one point, Hicks told police, her boyfriend pushed her "over and on top of a glass coffee table, causing it to shatter," the document says. Shuler later threw her onto the bed and assaulted her, Hicks told police.
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    He confronted her with the evidence? He must have liked to live dangerously. It got him killed.

    It will be interesting whether she gets off on self defense or ends up in prison.

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