MD- Nancy Frankel, 92, murdered. Kensington, Jan 2021 *arrest*


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Jun 9, 2009
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Nancy Frankel, is a well known Sculptor in the Maryland - DC corridor of Kensington Maryland where she lived.

From the few articles I've found, it appears she mentored young women, and invited them to live with her. In this case she invited the wrong person, a 26 yr old named Julia Birch who lived with her since January.

The news article didn't say if it was January of 2021, but I assume it is.

Julia Birch called 911 and reported a murder, saying she was responsible for the death.

Not many details yet seem to be available, but no doubt they'll be soon.

FROM “My Life” online - Nancy Frankel was born on 05/08/1929 and is 92 years old. Julia Birch age 26 called the police and told them she killed Nancy Frankel.

26-Year-Old Maryland Woman Murdered Renowned 92-Year-Old Sculptor Roommate, Then Called 911 on Herself: Cops


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Jun 5, 2015
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Renowned 92-Year-Old Sculptor Killed by 26-Year-Old Female Roommate: Cops

“Bill Streit, Frankel’s 66-year-old son-in-law, said Birch and Frankel were longtime family friends who met through their relatives’ work with the Catholic Worker Movement.

“We watched her grow up,” Streit said, describing Birch as sweet and empathetic. “Even in our wildest imagining, no one would have ever ever ever thought this could possibly happen.”

Birch moved in with Frankel a few months ago, Streit said, in what the family thought would be a “win-win situation.” Frankel could have companionship at an old age, and Birch could have a room in her house.”


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Jun 28, 2018
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Nancy sounds like she was a wonderful and talented woman. I can't imagine why anyone would want to kill her. Judging by comments from neighbors in the article who described her as seeming "off" and unfriendly, I am guessing the killer is mentally ill and something triggered her into a psychotic murderous rage? And when she came down from her psychosis, she called 911 and confessed?

What a horrible way for this lovely woman to die. It's just awful. It's so discouraging to read about all the people who are murdered by those they were only trying to help out, most recently like the elderly woman in the UK killed by a homeless man she took in. Why bother being kind and giving to strangers when the "reward" could very well be a violent horrible death?