Identified! MD - Ocean City, Skeletal remains washed ashore, Apr'10 - Greg Forte

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    Found skeleton is definitely human remains, police say
    Next up: Checking bones against missing persons' DNA

    Staff Report • April 30, 2010

    OCEAN CITY — The incomplete skeleton that washed ashore in the shadow of Ocean City's Boardwalk earlier this week was confirmed Friday to be human remains, police said.

    "We are in process of making an identification and cause of death," said Ocean City Police Chief Bernadette DiPino.

    The Maryland Medical Examiner's Office confirmed that the remains found April 28-29 were in fact those of a human, DiPino said.

    Bones first washed onto the beach between North Division Street and Fourth Street in the resort's downtown, and were discovered midday by a citizen. DiPino said more bones were found further north along the shoreline in the evening.

    The next day, even more bones were recovered by police. Going from the Inlet to the Delaware line, they used the same sand sifting machines operated by the town's public works department for cleaning the beach.
    Several people have gone missing along the region's coastal areas in the last 12 months.

    Selbyville resident Greg Forte, 29, went missing Feb. 9. Forte's mother, Linda, said her son suffered from head trauma in a skateboarding fall and may still be in the area, suffering from amnesia. A reward of $25,000 is being offered if he is found alive.

    On the same day the bones came ashore, Delaware authorities called off a search for a missing Lewes man last seen heading out for a late-night fishing trip at the Indian River Inlet.

    Delaware State Police suspended their search for Joel Thompson, 48, at 9:15 p.m. Wednesday. Police located the man's truck, parked south of the inlet, the previous day. Authorities combed the waterways around the inlet jetty for 11 hours, using State Police divers, U.S. Coast Guard boats and helicopters, and a local fire company boat.

    In November 2009, Myungtiki Kim, 54, of Vienna, Va., also went missing while fishing off the Indian River Inlet jetty. Police said they believed Kim fell into the inlet, which is known for its strong currents. His body was never recovered.

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    I go to Ocean City every year and stay right on the boardwalk. I can't imagine stumbling on remains while either laying on the beach or being out in the ocean... Wow..
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