MD Sex Offender Registry

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Dec 5, 2007
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Welcome to Maryland's comprehensive Web site concerning sex offenders.
On this site you will be able to find sex offenders living near you, track sex offenders' movements (select SOCEM Search button below), provide law enforcement with tips to help find offenders, get assistance if your child is the victim of sexual abuse (select Community Protection button below), and help find abducted children through the use of an enhanced cell phone AMBER Alert system (select Enhanced Amber Alert button below).

By calling Maryland's toll-free Sex Offender Alert Line at 1-866-559-8017, you can sign up for telephone notification any time a registered sex offender moves in your area. The Alert Line is designed to contact individual homes, schools, daycare centers, recreational centers and churches registered by zip code when a sex offender moves into the neighborhood or if there is a change in the offender's compliance status.

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