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    State police still searching for Scarborough woman’s killer in 1992 case

    Susan Hannah disappeared 27 years ago, but state police have not given up in their search to find the person who killed her.

    It has been nearly 26 years since Susan Hannah’s body was discovered in the woods off a logging road in Limington, but Maine State Police say they want the public to know that their investigation into finding the Scarborough woman’s killer continues.

    Susan Hannah Photo courtesy of Maine State Police

    Hannah’s mother reported her missing on April 20, 1992, but it was not until November 14, 1993, that her body was discovered, according to a state police Facebook post.

    “Susan Hannah was 22 years old when she was last seen at The Whaler, a bar in Old Orchard Beach, on April 19, 1992,” police said in the post.

    State police often publish stories on Facebook about cold case murders to remind the public that victims and their families have not been forgotten and also in hope of generating a tip that might lead to the killer.

    Hannah was living with her mother on Snow Road in Scarborough after having separated from her husband. She was last seen by employees at the The Whaler on April 19, 1992, at 1:20 a.m. Her remains were found on a logging road in Limington near Route 117 about 18 months later by a hunter.

    In a 1994 Press Herald story, state police said that too much time had passed to determine whether Hannah was killed in the woods or whether she had been killed in another place and her body dumped in Limington.
    State police still searching for Scarborough woman’s killer in 1992 case

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    What a vibrant young woman. I hope they find him and roast him, whoever extinguished her flame.
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