Med student helps deliver baby at London Tube station

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    A medical student who helped deliver a baby at a central London Tube station said it was a panicked situation.

    Hamzah Selim, 21, was on his way home from an anatomy lecture when he heard a woman screaming at Warren Street Station on Tuesday afternoon.

    The first-year medic rushed to help the woman, who was standing in a "pool of blood" alongside her sister, and used his jumper to protect the newborn.

    Mr Selim has not studied midwifery but had just spent the past few weeks at a neo-natal unit as part of his degree at University College London.

    "I knew a little bit of what to do. I had to lower the woman. I took my jumper off and wrapped the baby in it.

    "I held the baby in horror. It wasn't responding so I immediately went to the worst possible thought."

    He tried to find the baby's pulse but could not feel anything. "I was in utter panic," he recalled.

    It then came back to him to test the baby's reflexes and, after rubbing its cheek, "it just coughed in my face, and it was the best moment of my life," he said.

    He handed the baby wrapped in his jumper to the mother before the paramedics arrived.

    "The mum was incredible, she was so strong, and so much more brave than me," he said.

    Student helps Tube station baby birth
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    A day he'll never forget, well done! :D
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    And true to form members of the public tried to film the incident smh.
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    That’ll be a notch up on his resume.

    ‘Been there & done that’.
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    How wonderful that Mr Selim was there to help! [​IMG]
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