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    But maneuvering a hot-pink street sweeper emblazoned with big yellow daisies and the name Mrs. Dirt hasn't been so easy.

    Puig and her bright pink truck with the big circular brushes are a familiar sight around gated neighborhoods, mobile-home parks and cemeteries in Phoenix, Tempe, Glendale, Scottsdale and other communities throughout Maricopa County.

    "This is a mundane business," said Atkinson, 64, general manager of the west Phoenix sweeping business. "So we try to have a little fun with it."

    "We found out there are lots of women around those places during the day, and women don't want to see big old dirty street-sweeper trucks driven by big old dirty guys," he said.

    Because he already had created the entire imaginary family of Dirts and the quarterly newsletter chronicling their trials and tribulations, it didn't take much to set up his new venture.

    "Mr. and Mrs. Dirt got divorced, and Mrs. Dirt was awarded all the HOA sweeping portion of the family business," Bob said.

    To Mr. Dirt's horror, Mrs. Dirt chose to paint her new sweeper pink, and it wasn't long before she had her own slogan, "Know Your Sweeper Lady," and hot-pink T-shirts proclaiming "Sweep This!"

    Naturally, women had to drive the sweeper, and Audrey Barrera was selected to share the duty with Puig.

    When she added to the rear of the sweeper the name Mr. Dirt in a circle with a diagonal slash through it, the blatant dig on Dirt nearly did him in.
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    I like this lady, boy does she have style.
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    That's hilarious! GOOD FOR HER! There's a way to clean up, with style! :)

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