Meet Nellie Wade, the Oldest Licensed Practicing Nurse in Florida

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    WEWAHITCHKA- To some, she's known as the "Treasure of Wewahitchka." Nellie Wade celebrated her 90th birthday this weekend. To live 90 years is noteworthy enough, but it's how Ms. Nellie spends her days that has so many in awe.

    From the outside, Dr. Michael Barnes' office looks like any other. But it's who you find inside that truly sets it apart. "Oh Ms. Nellie is a legend," said the office receptionist. "I think everyone in Wewa knows her and loves her," said patient Betty Hughes.

    She is fast on her feet and frankly, hard to keep up with. Nurse Nellie Wade is 90 years young. "I looked it up on the internet," said Dr. Barnes, "the oldest nurse other than Ms. Nellie who has an active license is 81." She is the oldest practicing nurse in Florida by 9 years.......more........

    She doesn't look 90 to me!
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    No she sure doesn't look 90 years old! Boy was she GORGEOUS when she was young! I mean she could have been a starlet (but I'm glad she wasn't). Sounds like she loves her life!

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