Merkel PD looking for man involved in possible attempted kidnapping

Discussion in 'Crimes in the News' started by TGIRecovered, May 18, 2019.

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    Smart girl, angry mom and a quick thinking neighbor are going to be this criminal’s downfall! It will be interesting to compare him to suspects in other cases once LE finds him. He likes 14yr old girls.

    Merkel is a small community on I-20 in Texas.

    “The driver is described as a 30-40-year-old white male with black hair and a black goatee, wearing a black t-shirt and backwards black baseball hat.

    He was driving a 2004 charcoal or grey Volkswagen Jetta with Texas license plate DLZ3992. Police say the car has no wheel covers, black stock wheels, and is missing the molding off the back passenger door.”

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