Metro Detroit pet resorts pamper pooches

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    Metro Detroit pet resorts pamper pooches

    Breana Noble, The Detroit News 11:58 p.m. EDT July 4, 2016

    Gunner Messana jumps into the heated, indoor pool for his afternoon swim. Autumn Merrifield arrives to have her hair dyed pink. Jango Ponton finds his spot near the fireplace and television in his suite.

    These dogs are all frequenters to the Bark-A-Bout Pet Activity Center and Resort in Shelby Township. Gunner, a yellow Lab; Autumn, a poodle; and Jango, a whippet, are just three of the many dogs throughout Metro Detroit experiencing expanding amenities offered through pet daycare and boarding facilities.

    From pools and water parks to massages and blueberry facials, pet resorts for dogs are offering more extravagant experiences for pet parents to pamper their pooches and, in doing so, changing the definition of what it means to live a dog’s life...
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    That's awesome. I thought the place the few times our Grand doggies go was awesome. Pretty much the same amenities minus the pool. I thought of checking myself into the private rooms here LOL. Bed, tv, fireplace, sky light, climate controlled and all monitored visually by an app owners can download from anywhere within. Playroom size of an arena and great outdoor space too. Nothing but the best for our fur babes.

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