Mexico - Atf allows shipment of thousands of guns to drug cartels

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    CBS has been running stories on how the ATF has been allowing guns to be bought in the United States and then taken across the border to Mexico and sold to drug cartels thwarting Mexico's recent crack down on drugs helping push Mexico into what amounts to a civil war.

    One of the outcomes of letting these weapons which are purchased and shipped illegally to Mexico is the recent murder of a US Border Agent who was killed with one of these guns.

    ATF is admitting to letting 1,998 illegal weapons cross the border while they turn a blind eye to it since 2009. 2009 is also a year into the major crackdown Mexico was attempting on the drug cartels.

    How many murders, robberies and rapes have been committed with these 2000 weapons? Nobody knows but there are some murder stats.

    Casualty numbers have escalated significantly over time. According to a Stratfor report, the number of drug-related deaths in 2006 and 2007 (2,119 and 2,275) more than doubled to 5,207 in 2008. The number further increased substantially over the next two years, from 6,598 in 2009 to over 11,000 in 2010.[41]


    CBS report.

    [ame=""]ATF let guns into Mexico? - CBS News Video[/ame]
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    What's their justification for allowing the guns to continue into Mexico?
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    And how do they know which guy shot the Agent?

    It seems they have very specific info on the guns. Is that normal? I mean is it easy to identify guns, where they came from and where they were shipped to, and how they were used? Just seems so bizarre that with this kind of knowledge the guns made it over the border. Is this because ATF is taking bribes to allow the weapons to cross?

    If so, shame on them big time!


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