Mexico - *No Name* Crisis; 14,000+ Buried in common graves; 5 Nov 2019

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    The newspaper Milenio established via responses to freedom of information requests from state-based morgue authorities, health departments and attorney general’s offices that 14,015 bodies were sent to common graves in 28 states under the designation NN: Ningún Nombre, or “No Name.”

    The rate at which unidentified bodies were buried in common graves in the almost seven-year period is unprecedented yet the real number of corpses is certain to be significantly higher because authorities in four states – México, Morelos, Nayarit and Tlaxcala – didn’t provide data.

    The National Human Rights Commission said last week that there are more than 30,000 unclaimed and unidentified bodies as well as an unknown number of skeletal remains in morgues across the country.

    There is “a crisis in the area of forensic identification,” the commission said, because morgues lack the resources, staff and equipment to properly examine the bodies they receive.
    'No Name:' in 6 years, 14,000 unidentified bodies buried in common graves

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