MI MI - Amani Gaillard, 63, Kalamazoo Township, 11 Nov 2013

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    Amani Edmond Bryant Gaillard

    Amani Gaillard, a 63 year old man, has been missing for nearly a month. His disappearance was reported on November 11th, 2013 to the Kalamazoo Township Police. He was last seen in the apartment that he shares with his son in Kalamazoo Township. He apparently took all of his possesions with him when he left, and has never been seen since.

    Galliard sent his son several text messages to implying that Gilliard was going to die soon. He has not been heard from since.

    If anyone has information regarding his whereabouts, please call the Kalamazoo Township Police Department at 269-343-0568.

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    No update found and not listed in namus.

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