MI MI - Amber Arnett, 39, last seen on video at the Dollar Tree in Logan Square, Lansing, 25 Jun 2023

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Jul 7, 2018
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LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — One year ago, Amber Arnett, then 39, was last seen on video at the Dollar Tree in Logan Square. Then she vanished without a trace.

Family and friends have worked to keep Arnett’s face in public awareness — from flyers to yard signs to social media posts. But the 5 foot 4 inch and 150-pound woman has not been found.

Lansing Police Department has an ongoing investigation, but officials are tightlipped.

Family and friends will hold a rally for Arnett on Tuesday in Logan Square at 6:30 p.m. Luminaries will be lit for her and a balloon release is scheduled for 7 pm.


Marty told Dateline she had expected her daughter to be home on June 25.

However, June 25th came and went, and there was no sign of Amber.

Marty told Dateline that in the months prior to her disappearance, Amber had gotten in trouble and lost her job. She had a court date in the matter scheduled for July 13, 2023.

According to Marty, Amber said she was coming home to Lansing for a few days in June because she did not feel safe where she was staying, but never elaborated on why.

Marty said the friend Amber had been staying with told her that Amber left Leslie to head home on June 22 and she hadn’t heard from her since.

Amber was last seen at a Dollar Tree on S. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard in Lansing, Michigan on June 25, 2023 around 2:00 p.m.

Marty told Dateline that she gained access to her daughter’s Facebook account, which indicates that Amber went to visit a friend that evening in a neighborhood just blocks away from Marty’s home.

Marty’s been working with Lansing Police for nearly a year, but said there has been no real leads. “They are working on things. Of course, I want things yesterday and they can’t do that.”

“They have a process they have to follow.”

She turned to social media and started a Facebook group called: Help us Find Amber.

Police traced Amber's last location to Logan square (Dollar Tree).

“This is the last place police can confirm,” Marty said. “We know she was elsewhere in the day, but police can’t confirm that.”
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“They are not alone, we provide support to families literally every day,” said Nina Innsted with Missing in Michigan, ❤️ an organization that serves as support for those WHO have missing loved ones.

“We are finally tracking missing persons,” Innsted said. “We have gotten so much better in recent years about filing police reports, getting information out to the public about missing persons and getting entered into NAMUS.
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Amber's mother stated she had "gotten into trouble and lost her job". Her LinkedIn page with her photo has her listed as a home health aide. https://www.linkedin.com/in/amber-arnett-4636b9170 I wonder if it was this that she was referring to (you'll have to scroll down to the third page to see Amber's connection with the investigation).

The narrative in the investigative report indicates the person arrested (not named in any way other than "citizen 1" which is why I'm linking it) was NOT Amber but I can see why it might have led to her job termination.
“A year ago today, my life changed, and I didn’t even know it at this time of day.”

Signs are posted outside Marty’s home, and her vehicle, urging anyone with information about Amber’s whereabouts to contact Lansing Police. She said Amber was a loving daughter and friend.

The Everett High School graduate was known to her niece as Aunt Goofy.

“She’s funny. She’s smart. She’s giving. If you’re her person, she’d go to the wall to defend you.”

“They have a process they have to follow.”

She said, “There’s some guilt that I didn’t try to track her down on that day.”

“So, I’m angry. I’m frustrated that we don’t know anything more today than we did a year ago. There’s a whole gamut of emotions.”

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