MI - Ayesha Abernathy, 21, chased by stalker, dies in crash, Pontiac, 22 July 2010

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    Fighting over a felon. That's what happened via Facebook and it has caused one woman her life and another seriously injured.

    Torri Emery, 23 was so miffed that Danielle Booth, 20 reported her to cops for stalking her and threatening her on FB that she decided to crash into her.

    Emery saw Booth near a McDonald's and chased her car at speeds up to 100mph. Well, Booth's friends car and unfortunately that is who died, Ayesha Abernathy. If that's not horrific enough? Emery had her 3 year old daughter in the car with her.

    Emery is charged with 2nd degree murder, assault and child abuse.

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    Thank you for posting. I read this story yesterday and could NOT believe my eyes. What kind of person would

    1. do that to someone else
    2. with a child in the car with them?!
    3. someone who isn't even involved in any sort of way in the "dispute" (remember when we punched each other instead of killed each other?!)

    Such a sad, sad situation.

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