MI boys rescue ice fisherman

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    7 boys step in to save Warren man trapped in ice fish shanty

    Ice fisherman rescued from shanty on Lake St. Clair; suffered burn, carbon monoxide poisoning

    Published On: Mar 08 2015 11:15:00 PM EDT Updated On: Mar 08 2015 11:48:55 PM EDT

    It could have been just another day playing in the snow and ice on Lake St. Clair for seven boys. Instead it was a day they will never forget.

    Vinny Denapole, Jacob Denapole, Samuel Denapole, Kenny Hasenauer, Kalvin Hasenauer, Alex Chorazwzzewski and Max Curtis were outside the Hasenauers' New Baltimore home on the lake.

    They are friends, brothers and cousins who spend a lot of time together.

    On Feb. 2, they were outside pulling a sled behind a snowmobile around dusk when Kelsey Capozzo approached them.

    "She looked pretty frantic," said 14-year-old Vinny Denapole.

    "She said that her boyfriend was in a shanty, in his shanty and he passed out for a couple hours," said 10-year-old Kalvin Hasenauer.

    Capozzo wanted the boys to find the shanty and check on her boyfriend Eric Kaiser...

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