MI MI- Derrick Towns, 63, Flint, 5 June 2019

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    The Flint Police Department needs your help finding Derrick Towns.

    Police say Towns was last seen on Wednesday June 5.

    Towns was last seen on Dewey Street in Flint.

    Towns is approximately 5'5", 140 pounds.

    Anyone with information please contact Flint Police Detective Bureau at 810-237-6900 or 911.

    Flint Police need your help to find a missing man

    (Next to nothing for info... :confused:)
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    As I was looking for more info on Derrick, I saw an obituary for the same name in Flint, MI. We didn't have Derrick's age on the thread title, and I wondered if it was him. Then I found this MSM article, which explains it:

    Flint man disappeared day before 63rd birthday, hours after his son died


    If you go to the link, you can see a news video, which shows Derrick's residence. The exterior of the house and the yard are beautifully maintained. Then his nephew says that the lights were on, TVs were on, and his glasses were still in there. I think the nephew is correct in stating that it doesn't appear that Derrick intended to leave.

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