MI - Fred, 49, & Louise 'Bobbie' Tucker, 33, Flint, 15 Dec 1980

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    Published: Saturday, December 24, 2011, 9:00 AM

    By Ron Fonger

    Fred and Louise are suspected to have gone missing either the very late hours of 15 DEC 1980 or the very early hours of 16 DEC 1980. Their bodies were discovered at a Toledo landfill (dump) on 19 DEC 1980.


    Published: 12/28/2006

    A lot of info in both articles above.

    I did a quick search of the news archives and didn't find anything but I didn't dig around. Just entered search term and nothing came up in one try. I'll let other's dig for more info.

    Pictures below: Picture of Frank and Louise Tucker from first link within this post and picture of possible suspect from second link:

    May their families have the answers and justice they seek soon.

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    How sad, they had only been married a week :( And I see that evidence was lost? Ugh!

    On another note, I notice the writer of this article is Ron Fonger. I believe that he also did an article or two on Coral Pearl Hall (who also has a thread here at WS) I'm glad he seems to really try to revive interest in these cold cases.

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