MI - Henry Lott for attempted murder of 16yo daughter, Rives Junction, 2005

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    A strange attempted murder case grew more bizarre Friday when a new theory emerged in court.

    Prosecutors now contend Henry V. Lott II encased his 16-year-old daughter in plastic wrap to subdue her before injecting a deadly dose of heroin.

    Police and prosecutors initially alleged Lott, a prison guard, possessed heroin to sell to inmates. But there is no proof he ever sold or used drugs.

    "There was no apparent motive for the drugs except as a weapon of murder," Blumer told Nelson.

    Conversely, there apparently is no proof Lott tried to administer heroin to his daughter. She was not injured in the incident.

    Defense attorney Jerry Engle said Lott's behavior on April 19 was bizarre, but he did not plan to murder his daughter. Nor can prosecutors prove the heroin was Lott's, he said Friday.

    A police video camera was pointed at Lott as he was transported from Foote Hospital to the state police post in Blackman Township. Engle said Lott's hands were cuffed behind his back, and the video does not show him struggling to hide drugs.

    Police said they found two packets of heroin under the back seat of the patrol car after Lott was removed.

    Nelson said a jury will be allowed to consider the heroin overdose theory. Lott is also charged with child abuse and domestic violence.

    Lott is accused of wrapping his daughter's head and face in plastic wrap in an attempt to murder her. Lott claimed the plastic wrap was treatment for a fever. The girl said she was not sick that day.
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    Treatment for a fever...........?????
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    From October 2005:



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