MI MI - Jayme Bryant, 25, Kalamazoo, 29 Jun 2013


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May 20, 2011
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Family, friends searching for missing man


A man from West Michigan has been missing for two weeks. Jayme Bryant is 25 years old. Family and friends say Bryant was last seen on June 29, walking in downtown Kalamazoo on his way to Bronson Hospital.

Read More at: http://wwmt.com/news/features/featured/stories/family-friends-searching-missing-man-1557.shtml


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Dec 31, 2011
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This story strikes me as incredibly sad. I hope Jayme is found safe.


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Oct 13, 2012
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That area he was walking in, near the hospital, is very busy and near downtown. Not isolated in any way. The fact that his friends wont be interviewed is sad. I feel for his mother.


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Dec 31, 2011
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Seems no news at all on this. The facebook link didn't work any longer. I do see a Jayme Bryant on facebook from Oklahoma, that looks alot like him. I wonder if he voluntarily left and this is him.


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Dec 27, 2012
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A 25 year old man went to a follow up appointment at Bronson Hospital in Kalamazoo on June, 29, 2013 and has not been seen or in touch with his friends and family since.

Jayme Vaughn Bryant told his mother that he would call her following his appointment. The call never came. Jayme was last seen in downtown Kalamazoo.

It is possible that Jayme attended the Electric Music Festival in Rothbury, MI. around June 30th 2013. But it is not known for certain.

25 Year Old Man Missing From Kalamazoo Since 2013


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Jan 13, 2017
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I listened to your Podcast also awhile back. It's almost like he vanished into thin air. I feel so bad for his mom. It seems like his friends know more than they are saying.
His mother is very sweet. This is such a difficult position for her to be in. I wish someone would finally speak up :(


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Jul 24, 2016
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The Vanished notes:
  • Jayme was quite a nomadic person - bounced from friend to friend's house with just a backpack of possessions. It took a while to realize he was missing.
  • There are rumors he may have attended a music festival (Electric Forest) on June 30, 2o13, but there's no evidence to prove it.
  • Jayme's mom, Tina, had 4 kids and was divorced by the time she was 22. She raised the kids on her own with the help of her parents. Their father wasn't involved. Tina worked a lot. Her kids were her entire life; she didn't date for about 13 years after her divorce.
  • Tina described Jayme as a kid as sporty, outgoing, friendly, and happy-go-lucky.
  • Jayme didn't like authority as he became a teenager, but as a kid, he wanted to be a cop.
  • He had a talent for understanding computer science and repair.
  • Jayme started smoking weed at 15. His mom didn't know until he had to go to juvie for a BB gun accident.
  • Tina got married when Jayme was 16, and Jayme did not like his stepfather.
  • He dropped out of high school and left home at 17.
  • From 20 until he went missing, he lived in Kalamazoo.
  • He went to the ER the day before he went missing because he fell down some stairs.
  • He was reportedly returning to the hospital the day he went missing because it was thought he might have pneumonia - he had a chest xray the day before and the doctors thought they saw something.
  • Jayme's friends reached out to his sister about a week later asking how he was since he had been sick, and that's when his family realized nobody knew where Jayme was.
  • He was a drummer in a band at the time he went missing called Knuckle Babies. He had been drumming since age 15 when he taught himself to play.
  • His family thinks he may have stolen something from someone or screwed someone over somehow, and they took revenge on him.
  • Tina said when the police tracked his phone, it appeared the phone was moving in a vehicle.
  • His last phone ping was around 6pm in Delton, Michigan, which is just northeast of Kalamazoo. By 6:30pm when Tina tried to call Jayme again, his phone went straight to voicemail, and hasn't turned on since.
  • Tina thinks Jayme did NOT fall down the stairs and was actually in a fight, but lied to her so she didn't worry. She said he "liked to fight". She doesn't think he went to the music festival.
  • His uncle said everyone liked Jayme and he was a super nice, charismatic kid. He also said Jayme had depression issues.
  • Jayme had been sleeping on the couch in a house of 4 guys before he went missing. His roommate John was the last person who saw him before he went missing. Another roommate, Thomas, had seen Jayme shortly before he left. Thomas said that Jayme had been using heroin and other street drugs.
  • The last outgoing call was to his roommate John at 3:39pm.
  • On July 10, 2013, an investigator did a walkthrough of the house Jayme had last been staying at but found nothing suspicious. Another roommate, Adam, told investigators Jayme never left without his backpack, yet he had on the day he went missing.
  • He called two pharmacies the day he vanished asking about pills including ibuprofen; he stated he was in a lot of pain. Investigators couldn't find anything saying he had filled any prescriptions however.
  • Roommate John was suspicious to police - changed his story of the day of June 29, 2013 two or three times.
  • Jayme told his fourth roommate, Casey, that he had gotten injuries by falling off a porch.
  • Casey told investigators that Jayme and John both used heroin, and John's friends had recently held an intervention for him.
  • John told investigators that Jayme had overdosed in Comstock, Michigan (a city along the path his phone traveled) and someone disposed of his body.
  • Investigators got a search warrant for John's phone and his car. No info has been released on what/if anything was found.
  • Jayme was supposedly last seen with someone named Courtney. After Jayme went missing, someone asked Courtney if Jayme's disappearance was drug related, and Courtney entirely stopped responding after that.
  • John reached out to Tina on FB and apologized about the fact he couldn't do more for Jayme.
  • His family thought all these years that Jayme did make it back to the hospital on June 29, and due to the Vanished requesting his records, they discovered he in fact did not return to the hospital on June 29.


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Jul 7, 2018
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Jayme Vaughn Bryant would be 34 years old now. His family said he went to a follow-up appointment at a hospital in Kalamazoo on June 29, 2013, and said he would call his mother. He never called and is still missing. Bryant’s mother spoke to the host of the Already Gone Podcast.

She said Bryant had been hospitalized because he had fallen down a flight of stairs. The follow-up appointment was to check his lungs as doctors were worried he had pneumonia.

Police said he may have attended the Electric Forest music festival in Rothbury, Michigan the next day.

“It was a couple of months later that they thought he was at this festival and but there was really no other recollection of that other than that, ‘Oh we think he might have been there.’ I don’t know if there was any confirmation with his friends or anything. It was just kind of speculation,” his mother said.

Bryant has three tattoos. He had a tattoo on his ribcage of whiskey, a tattoo on his arm that’s the outline of Michigan, and a Misfits tattoo on his forearm. He was last seen wearing a white t-shirt and blue jeans.

DetailsJayme Vaughn Bryant
Age Missing25
Age Now34
Date MissingJune 29, 2013
Weight170 - 175 lbs
The family has created a Facebook page to help receive tips in the case.