Found Safe MI - Kaiyesa, 2, & Kaiyanna Pittman, 4, taken by father, Detroit, Wayne County, 22 Feb 2019

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    Detroit Police Department

    Kaiyesa and Kaiyanna was last on February 22, 2019 in the 17000 block of Riopelle by their mother Kiara Inman, when the father came to the location and took the children without permission. He was last seen leaving in a black unknown vehicle. At this time Ms. Inman and the Father are in a custody battle over the children.

    Kaiyesa is described as a black female 2 years old, last seen wearing a multi colored knit hat, pink barrettes in her hair, pink coat, black pants, brown boots with butterflies on it.

    Kaiyanna is described as a black female 4 years old, last seen wearing a white, hello kitty hat, black and white beads in her hair, white coat, blue jeans, black boots with stars all over and black bows on the back of the boot.

    It was reported that Kaiyesa and Kaiyanna are in good physical condition.

    If anyone has seen Kaiyesa Pittman or Kaiyanna Pittman, or know of their whereabouts they are asked to call Detroit Police Department's Eleventh Precinct at 596-1100 or 313-596-1140.


    Detroit police search for 2 missing girls taken by father
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