MI MI - Kalisha Madden, 27, Detroit, 27 Nov 2011

I've read an article where Kalisha's mother has indicated that a friend of Kalisha is missing also. In light of the women found in car trunk's I wonder if they know the whereabouts of the two women's cars?

It is possible that if they were put into a car trunk and the vehicle was illegally parked, the vehicle could have been towed to an impound lot and still be there.
WWJ’s ‘Missing In The Metro:’ Kalisha Madden

They’re gone in a flash, one minute here, whisked away the next, leaving behind a maddening series of questions and speculation — and heartbreak. WWJ 950 is shining a light on long-missing people reported to the Detroit Police Department in the hope it will spark someone to remember something they saw and never reported. These are our missing, gone but not forgotten.

Twenty-six year old Kalisha Madden has been missing for eight months, her mother, Pamela Johnson said her daughter was an exotic dancer; not a life she would have chosen for her, but she accepted it because she loved her.

Looks like she is no longer on Charleyproject - has anyone heard anything about her being found?

Case Information
First name
Middle name
Last name
Date last seen
November 28, 2011 00:03
Date entered
Age last seen
26 to years old
Age now
27 years old
Black/African American
Height (inches)
Weight (pounds)
125.0 to 135.0


Nikia Scottposted toIn memory of Kalisha Madden
November 16, 2012

Please see this post for what appears to be an update on Kalisha.

Interesting. I wonder if she can be ruled out as any uid because she has been identified or if her family came to that conclusion based on the other similar cases in the area, but she is still missing.

Although she is no longer listed on Charley, she doesn't show as resolved either. I think Charley is a little behind right now due to computer issues, hopefully she has been located and her family has answers.
Kalisha's mother, sister, and one of her children speak in this Crime Stoppers video published Feb 2014. Kalisha has been missing for 3 years now.

Johnson's daughter Kalisha Madden went missing more than five years ago...

"She would never leave her children. I know that my child would not have left with strangers. I know whatever vehicle she got into, she got into the vehicle with people she knew and that's the last time she was seen," Johnson added.

Johnson just wishes people would speak up and say what they know - for her daughter, and all the others who have vanished.
She was seen in Humble, Tx off 1960 (2013 or 2014) 3 or 4yrs ago at an after hour night club. Her voice is a little lighter now. She lost some weight and her butt is still the same. The guy she left with go by the name of Bear. It seemed to me she was having a lot of fun at the club. I was her babysitter for a few months when I was in Detroit for about 6 moths back in 2009... The guy she left with asked me if I feel like she left Detroit to help her kids. He also stated to me he was from New Orleans and he was just getting released from Victoria jail bc he was accused of kidnapping her. He also stated to me when he was released all she was worried about was her car being repoed... Sad... Justice for KIDS...PERIOD
And it was a blk VAN she left in... the guy was on crutches bc he was shot in the thigh


"Kalisha's mother learned her daughter left the club after completing her shift early Monday morning, but she was not alone.

"Getting in either a black truck or a black car with three males, one they say was on crutches. I'm not sure because I wasn't there, but that is the last time that she has been seen," Johnson explained."[/QUOTE]
All above links and groups for Kalisha have been removed.

Here is a article from Jan 2022,

And another from 6 days ago, June 2022

Updated Charley Project link: Kalisha Markita Madden – The Charley Project

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