GUILTY MI - Leila Armin, 20, brutally murdered, Troy, 16 June 2005

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    Boyfriend Found Guilty Of Troy Woman's Murder

    Leila Kristine Armin was beaten in the head several times with a baseball bat and stabbed June 16 in her family's home on Pondway Street, Local 4 reported. Her boyfriend, Amir Aziz Shahideh, was found guilty of first-degree murder in Oakland County Circuit Court Thursday, according to Local 4.

    Police believe an argument over her relationship with Shahideh led him to strike her with a baseball bat. Troy police Detective Sgt. Suzanne Post said the man allegedly went downstairs to Armin's kitchen, obtained an 8-inch kitchen knife, and stabbed Armin in the chest.

    Shahideh allegedly cleaned up the crime scene, and put Armin's body into a garbage bag, Local 4 reported.

    Armin's family was out of town at the time, and called police to report their daughter missing June 17 when they had not heard from her, according to Local 4 reports. Police went to the home the night of June 17, and discovered evidence of foul play.

    Armin's body was later found in a garbage can, hidden near the house, according to police

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