MI - Melissa, 27, & Alana Friar, 8, murdered, Grand Rapids, 24 April 2005

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    The "mean guy" did it, the witness told police after leading them home, where his mom and big sister were killed.

    But this isn't just any witness.

    He is 4 years old, a curly-haired boy whose life was spared by the "mean guy."

    Jonathon has identified Terrill Bird, the half-brother of Jonathon's father, as the "mean guy," police say.

    The murder investigation began after a neighbor found Jonathon curled up, without shoes or a coat, on the back porch of an abandoned Southeast Side home April 24, four miles from his home. Neighbors heard him crying earlier in the night.

    The boy told police his mother and sister were "fighting someone and that there was blood in the kitchen and his mother was not waking up," according to court documents.

    Jonathon eventually led police to his home at 227 Carrier St. NE. Inside, they found his mother, Melissa Friar, 27, stabbed to death in the kitchen. His sister, 8-year-old Alana Friar, was found suffocated in the bathroom.

    Police allege Bird, 24, killed the two before driving Jonathon to the house on Horton Avenue SE and leaving him there.

    Bird was arrested two months later on murder, kidnapping and auto theft charges. He denied the killings, although he admitted seeing the mother's body and blood in the kitchen, detectives wrote in a court document.
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