MI - Michael Leon Curry, 51, charged with murder in 1986 strangulation, Bangor, Mar 2019

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    Man allegedly confessed four times after woman's 1986 slaying | Daily Mail Online

    A man who allegedly confessed four times to killing a nurse three decades ago in Michigan and wrote on Facebook that he had never killed anyone who didn't deserve it has only just been arrested over the cold case slaying.


    Michael Leon Curry, 51, - who dubbed himself the 'Night Stalker' - was charged a week ago with murder in the 1986 strangulation of 59-year-old Wilda Wilkinson in her Bangor home.


    A state police investigator testified this month that Curry had confessed four times in the late 1980s to breaking into Wilkinson's home and strangling her but he was never charged.

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    The police testimony that was given to obtain Curry's recent arrest warrant was only released last week.

    Curry was first named as a suspect when Wilkinson's daughter found the nurse dead in her home in on July 29, 1986 when she failed to show up for her shift at the local hospital.

    Authorities declined to press charges against him because they said they didn't have enough evidence.

    Bangor Police Detective Sergeant Kyle Gorham told the court this month that Curry had actually confessed to a cellmate, confessed in interviews with police and even wrote a letter to a detective admitting his involvement between 1986 and 1989.

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    Man Arrested in Cold Case Killing Years After Allegedly Confessing 4 Different Times

    The many confessions of accused cold case killer
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