MI - Police investigate death of baby with burned feet, April 2014

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    Romulus police investigate death of baby with burned feet

    Parents rush unresponsive baby to hospital; cause of death still is unknown

    Author: Dave Bartkowiak Jr. , Online News Editor, @DaveBartko, dbartkowiak@wdiv.com

    Published On: Apr 28 2014 05:38:51 PM EDT Updated On: Apr 29 2014 01:05:42 PM EDT

    ROMULUS, Mich. -
    Romulus police are investigating the death of an infant who allegedly was found unresponsive by his parents Sunday at their home on Stephanie Street.

    Officers were called to Annapolis Hospital on a report of suspected child abuse. The parents said they found the baby lying unresponsive on a bed in their apartment.

    They took him to the hospital where a doctor performed an examination but found no signs of life. The doctor did find the child's feet severely burned...


    Feet Severely Burned, Police Searching For Answers In Death Of Infant

    April 28, 2014 8:17 PM

    ROMULUS (WWJ) – Police in Romulus are in the process of investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of baby over the weekend.

    The little boy, reported to be 3 months old, was rushed to the emergency room at Annapolis Hospital Sunday evening – where a doctor pronounced the infant dead.

    During the exam on the body, the physician discovered both the infant’s feet were severely burned...

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