MI - Unidentified Female - 30-50 y/o 8/1994

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    This unidentified woman was found in August of 1994, although it was likely that she died in 1991. She was found in an abandoned farmhouse in Cottreville Twp., St. Clare County. She had been shot at least twice, one of the shots being to her head.
    She had likely suffered from hyperparathyroidism, which could have caused her weakness, fatigue and intestinal or urinary tract problems. She had discolored teeth with white spots. These spots can be caused by tetracycline (antibiotic) usage in children. She had little to no dental care since she was a child and didn't take good care of her teeth. Her upper front teeth may have been prominent.
    She was between 30-50, 5'2-5'6 tall, no weight estimate. She had short to medium length brown hair.
    There is no Namus listing and the contact info and NCIC number on Doe are wrong.
    The number for the St. Clair County Sheriff is 618-277-3505, and I do not have a case number for her, but the one on doe is a M- number, so it is a missing persons number not an unidentified, since they start with U-.

    A long time ago, I submitted her as a match to Susan Zaharias. She abducted her two kids from Santa Ana, CA in 1987, known to have family in MI and the in the Myspace page that the kids' father made for them, about her, her teeth appear very discolored. She is within the height range and there is no weight range. Her hair is listed as blond, but looks more brown to me. I know that she is an abductor, not technically a missing person, but there were some connections.
    I never heard back and I hate to pursue it. If it is her, where are the kids?
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