MI MI - Wyandotte, WhtFemale, 50-65, UP12059, found in Detroit River, brown winter coat, pink/white checkered dress, headscarf, large busted, May'77


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Nov 28, 2022
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Unidentified Female
Namus UP12059
D.B.F: May 6, 1977
Location Found: Wyandotte, Wayne County, Michigan
Estimated PMI: 1 week
Estimated year of death: 1977

Vital Information:
Race: White/Caucasian
Age: 50-65 Years
Height: 5' 6"(66 inches) , Measured
Weight: 142 lbs, Estimated
Hair: Brown/Gray, neck length.
Eyes: Brown
Identifying Features: Right side of neck-3" linear scar from ear to eye, large busted
Clothing Winter weight brown coat, Pink/white checkered dress, slip, girdle and a multi-colored nylon head scarf, ankle length hose, brown suede "boat-shoes" or ankle boots with 2" heels, size 6
Accessories: Unknown
The body of a woman was found in the Detroit River 1/2 Mile east of Grassy Island, in the Fighting Island Channel.

Case Information:

ME/C Case Number: 77-3205

Wayne County Sheriff Department - (313) 224-2222
Agency Case Number:

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