Mike Tyson rushes to the rescue of injured motorcyclist, gets fruit basket

Discussion in 'Celebrity and Entertainment News' started by zwiebel, Sep 23, 2014.

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    Ryan Chesley looked up from the ground after a motorcycle accident in Las Vegas - and found Mike Tyson had rushed to his rescue.

    The former boxer was yelling at people not to touch the injured man, and stood guard over him until medical help arrived, at which point he vanished from the scene. Chesley, who suffered broken bones and torn ligaments in the accident, still managed to snap a photo of his rescuer on his cell phone. He later sent Tyson a thank you note and a fruit basket, as thanks.


    *The idea of sending Mike Tyson a fruit basket tempted me to put this story in our bizarre thread, to be honest. Just seems so surreal. But I'm sure he enjoyed it, it was a nice gesture and it's the thought that counts, anyhow!
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    Yes, that was very thoughtful. I'm sure the injured man appreciated Mike being nearby to protect him. Yoo funny that he snapped Mike's pic with his cell phone.

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