Missing children's event in honor of Sandra

Discussion in 'Sandra Cantu' started by joga, Jun 1, 2009.

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    http://www.tracypress.com/pages/ful...of Sandra =&instance=home_news_bullets&open=&

    snipped from article...

    "As Maria Chavez, mother of the slain Sandra Cantu, sat with her family under a tent at Dr. Powers Park today, other parents took to the stage.

    They talked about National Missing Children's Day, which was started 25 years ago by President Ronald Reagan and was recognized for the first time at an event in Tracy today."

    not a very big article, but it just made me smile that Sandra's mom is out standing up for kids. i hope that she has received a lot of comfort from those who have unfortunately been through the same situations. :blowkiss: love to Sandra's family.
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    IIRC, I was on Twitter and MC Hammer, who is a long-time Tracy resident, commented that he was at a car-show fund raiser for Sandra Cantu on Sat, June 13.

    I thought about Sandra's family, and I would help them 50x faster than the A's. I have seen her mother actually thank people for their prayers and donations.

    May Sandra Rest In Peace. :angel:

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