Missing thread or missing posts?

Discussion in 'Forum Finesse' started by Odyssey, Jan 22, 2013.

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    I was wondering if anyone knows what happened to the Madeline Anna Babcock thread that was in the 1960's Missing forum? There is a thread there now, but it only has 5 posts and appears to have been started in July 2012.

    There used to be another one that Madeline's sister had posted in, and I had posted in as well. I can't find any of those posts, and Madeline does not show up in my subscribed threads anymore.

    Does anyone know where it went?

    thanks! And thanks again for an awesome website! :)
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    :seeya:Hi Odyssy,
    Sorry that's the only thread I can find also.
    Have you tried sending a PM to her sister ?

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