Mississippi mashed potatoes mystery

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    Was it a poorly conceived plot to poison neighborhood pets? A bizarre prank? A weird guerrilla marketing stunt sponsored by the potato lobby? A cryptic omen requiring careful interpretation, like the bird signs and animal tracks studied by augurers in ancient Rome, and potentially foretelling stranger times to come?

    All of these questions, and more, surround the mysterious bowls of mashed potatoes that turned up on doorsteps, in mailboxes and on top of parked cars in one neighborhood in Jackson, Miss., this week.

    “What does it mean?” local television station WLBT wondered. “And will they strike again?”

    The inscrutable tubers appear to have first been discovered by residents of the historic Belhaven neighborhood on Tuesday morning. At around 7 a.m., Jordan Lewis, who has lived in the neighborhood for five years, walked outside and spotted a bowl resting against the windshield of her cherry-red car, where you might normally expect to find a parking ticket or concert flier. Rain had fallen overnight, and at first, she thought the watery, glue-colored mush had once been potato salad.

    Mystery of the Mashed Potatoes: Mississippi Residents Stumped by Bowls of Spuds Left Around Neighborhood

    Perplexed Mississippians said they have been left stumped by the numerous bowls of mashed potatoes that have been left in various spots across their neighborhood, according to reports.

    The spuds have appeared on top of cars, porches and mailboxes in the Belhaven neighborhood of Jackson, according to residents, who described their community as an already quirky place to live.

    Neighbors find bowls of 'mystery mashed potatoes' in their front yard

    After posting to Facebook, Jordan Lewis found she wasn't alone, several others said they also found a bowl of potatoes on their property.

    "They've found it on their mailboxes, on their cars... So we don't know if someone is just playing a prank or if someone just had a lot of leftovers," Lewis joked.
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