Mistrial Declared Over Executive's Texting From Witness Stand

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    Mistrial Declared Over Executive's Texting From Witness Stand

    For future reference, do not read texts from your boss while on the witness stand. In fact, don't text at all.

    Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Scott Silverman declared a mistrial in a civil fraud case Wednesday after being informed a witness on the stand in his courtroom had engaged in text-messaging while the judge spoke with attorneys during a sidebar conference. The dispute is over the sale of condo tower in North Miami Beach.

    While the judge and attorneys conferred, a courtroom spectator passed a note to a defense attorney saying the witness, Sky Development chief operating officer Gavin Sussman, appeared to be text-messaging Sky chief executive Yizhak Toledano at the plaintiff table.

    rest of the story here:


    (makes me wonder what could happen in a certain upcoming trial in Florida :) )
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