MN MN - Deana Patnode, 23, St Paul, 26 Oct 1982

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    Link to article

    Woman ID’d in cold case

    Fresh DNA testing, a futuristic clay facial reconstruction of a skull and a blind stroke of luck led investigators to the biggest breakthrough in a case that has plagued them for nearly 20 years.

    The skeletal remains of a woman found May 20, 1989, in a wooded median along Hwy. 61 just south of Kellogg, Minn., were identified Monday as Deana Marie Patnode, of Inver Grove Heights, Minn.
    Law enforcement officials identified Monday the remains of Deana Marie Patnode of Inver Grove Heights, Minn., found May 20, 1989 along Highway 61south of Kellogg, Minn. (Photo courtesy of the Wabasha County Sheriff’s Department)

    “We never thought we’d hear anything,” Patnode’s sister, Clohe Husby, said at a press conference Monday. “This is just phenomenal.”

    Patnode was 23 when she was last seen Oct. 26, 1982, near a bar in St. Paul, and none of her family or friends had spoken to her since, Wabasha County Sheriff Rodney Bartsch said. Her body was found almost seven years later by a mushroom hunter, and at the time, officials believed she had been dead at least a year.

    The case grew cold over the years, and the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension ordered a clay facial reconstruction done by the FACES Lab at Louisiana State University in July. The reconstruction gave investigators a rough sketch of what the unidentified woman looked like and was added to her online profile as the Four of Diamonds in the BCA’s “Cold Case Playing Cards,” a virtual deck of 52 unsolved homicides, missing persons and unidentified remains cases in the state. (snipped)

    IMO! Reconstruction was spot on!
    Sketch of Jane on left Photo of Ms. Patnode on right

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    I'm so glad she has been identified. RIP Deanna. She had the most beautiful eyes, I'm sure her family needs our prayers.
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    I'm a bit confused as to why this ID took so long. So frustrating...
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