Identified! MN - Minneapolis, WhtFem UP103592, 50-70, suicide, alias Susan Watkins, Aug'96 - Sally Green

I wonder what was said between JD and the police during the 3.5 hour standoff. If there is a transcript somewhere, I feel it could give some clues.

These sort of cases put me into a moral conundrum. If someone's last dying wish was to not be identified, who are we to ignore that wish? You know what I mean? Just something I consider. I deeply respect all of you here for what you do, a special shoutout to @GatorFL

IMO I wonder if she perhaps traveled to see the Mall of America before she died, or maybe Mayo Clinic Rochester, OR if she checked into a hotel just to throw people off and did indeed live in the area.
Thanks. I asked the investigator on the case about the standoff and he didn't have that info at that time. In fact, when I first called about Sally, he only knew his office had 7 Does. He didn't know a whole lot about her. He actually got the case file and called me back which started this process. Many thanks to @Identifinders who have been fantastic throughout this process.

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