MN - Sex-trafficking case involving local victims brings federal charges

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    ST. PAUL — A man originally charged in Olmsted and Anoka counties with promoting prostitution has been charged in federal court with sex trafficking of a minor for a case involving two area girls.

    The file against Lee Andrew Paul, 34, was unsealed Tuesday.

    As reported in the Post-Bulletin in August 2013, the charges stem from an incident in May 2013, when two girls — one from Kasson and one from Rochester — were together when one of them received a text asking them to a party.

    The girl thought the text was from someone she knew; the two girls agreed to be at a Rochester business for their ride to the party.

    It was Paul who picked the girls up late that night, then took them the next day to a motel in Columbia Heights. According to the complaint, Paul told the Kasson girl he was a pimp, then told her to perform a sex act, "or you and I are going to go for a little ride."


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    Scary! My best friend lives in Anoka County and has an 8th grade daughter.

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