MO - 4y/o finds gun in home, 3y/o accidentally shoots self

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    Mom & family friend were asleep in house when shooting occurred.
    Family friend KL said mother "does not allow our kids to play with guns...not even buy her kids toy guns."*
    Mother told LE the "gun that was fired belonged to her boyfriend, the children's father." *

    Did mother allow kids access to operational revolver but does "not even buy her kids toy guns?" [no snarc]
    Did boyfriend-father's revolver magically appear in home, in place where pre-schooler accessed it? [snarc]

    I'm confused: Is "family friend" the same man as "boyfriend-the-children's-father."?
    Fam friend said "our kids" and she "does not buy them toy guns."
    But mother said gun "belonged to her boyfriend, the children's father."

    Inaccurate MSM reporting? In any case, hoping for healing and peace for all involved. JM2cts.

    * "Another individual, family friend Kenneth Lee, was asleep on the floor in the dining room. “Ta’riyah’s a good kid.
    Essence is a good mother. She doesn't allow our kids to play with guns. She doesn't even buy her kids toy guns," said Lee.

    The report states Ta’riyah’s mother told police she was asleep in the front bedroom when she woke up to the sound of a gunshot. She told police she found her children, Ta’riyah and her 4-year-old son, in the back bedroom with a revolver and her daughter shot. Ta’riyah's mother then called police.
    Ta’riyah’s brother told police he found the gun that morning in the living room on the fireplace mantel behind a mirror. The report states he took the gun into the back bedroom where Ta’riyah shot herself with it.
    Ta'riyah's mother told police the gun that was fired belonged to her boyfriend, the children's father.". bbm sbm
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