MO - Camila Behrensen and Pablo Guzman-Palma - Graduate Students from Chile/Argentina - Found Deceased After Kansas City Fire

KSHB-tv said the suspect had no connection to the Stowers Institute or the researchers who were killed.
Brockman, 40, was found dead along with 42-year old Kevin Moore on Sunday near NE 48th Street and Randolph Road in a wooded area across the highway from Worlds of Fun.

On Thursday, the KCPD said preliminary results from the medical examiner could indicate that they had died in a murder-suicide.
The murder victim in the murder-suicide. RIP Misty.
The murder victim in the murder-suicide. RIP Misty.

When I hear murder-suicide, I often think of people in a relationship. According to the article, Misty's family & friends didn't know how or if she knew Kevin Moore.

Neither Crane nor Coberley knew Moore, or why he and Brockman had been in the area where they were found.

And it's seemingly the same thing with Camila Behrensen & Pablo Guzman-Palma -- they didn't seemingly know Kevin Moore.

I hope LE investigates & releases some more info on Kevin Moore & can find out a reason why these murders happened.

It's all so odd.

I'm starting to develop a theory on this case based on the murder of Aaron Markarian in 2013. The perps were out looking for a house to rob and one of them remembered they had bought drugs at the house in question before. This house had high tenant turnover because it was near a college campus (UMKC, same as the case here) and completely new people had moved into the house the night the perps went to rob it. They shot and killed one of the occupants because they realized they'd gone to high school with him and would recognize him.

Because the apartment where Behrensen and Guzman-Palma lived is also near campus and has high college-age turnover, I'm thinking maybe Moore went there to rob it based on someone who used to live there and he may have thought they had a stash or cash.
OK this case just gets more and more bizarre. I'm going to summarize the latest from a news report I saw on probably KSHB 41 and in today's Kansas City Star, which is behind a paywall.

No one can figure out any connection between Kevin Ray Moore and the two Stowers Institute researchers, nor between him and deceased mother of 5 Misty Brockman.

Moore and Brockman were found in a probable murder-suicide Oct. 16 in and outside Moore's car. Moore was completely naked and Brockman, outside the car, just outside the passenger door, was naked from the waist down. There was a firearm on the floorboard. Moore was in the passenger seat. The motor was running.

There was a video recorder, I think in the back seat, which "appeared to have the capabilities for an infotainment center with possible GPS." I don't know what that means. Does it mean a Go Pro? or something like that?

Also in the car were "2 wallets, clothes, a purse, cosmetics, bullet fragments, and 4 cell phones."

Detectives are looking at Guzman-Palma's cell phone records from right before the deaths of Behrensen and Guzman-Palma.

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