GUILTY MO - Father James Grady for child pornography, St Louis, 2010

Discussion in 'Recently Sentenced and Beyond' started by Missizzy, Jun 25, 2010.

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    St. Louis priest sentenced to 80 months for child pornography

    "ST. LOUIS — A St. Louis priest was sentenced Thursday to nearly seven years in prison for possessing child pornography, and an effort to remove him as a priest is under way.

    U.S. District Judge Jean Hamilton sentenced James Patrick Grady to 80 months in prison, fined him $12,500 and banned him from areas like parks and schools where children gather, except with special permission. Grady, who pleaded guilty in March, must also forfeit property, including his laptop computer and his Toyota Camry...."


    "....Grady, 59, was a longtime priest in the archdiocese. Last summer, he was serving at St. Raphael The Archangel in St. Louis when prosecutors say he responded to ads on Craigslist offering young females of an unspecified age for sex.

    In fact, the ads were part of an FBI sting operation...."

    more at link

    It's interesting that Grady attempted to buy a young girl for sex and yet they cut him a deal and allowed him to plead only to the porn charges. Maybe they were concerned with the possibility of losing the trial due to an entrapment argument. Am I the only one bothered by the fact that they even have to mention that they took his laptop and Camry? As if that's of importance?

    For whatever reason, he's off the streets for now and probably won't ever again serve as a priest. But he's out in only 80 months. Like he's going to stop? What's to keep him from "playing the part" in another state or country? I wish his restrictions included never again wearing priestly garb.

    I'm sure my buddy, kbl, will need to comment on this one!!
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    There is just no end to the perverts out there. They seem to be everywhere. And we know how I feel about the priest thing, so not even going to go there. I sure hope he really is defrocked.
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    Oh dear Lord. I'm a Catholic and I still don't understand the defrocking process.:waitasec:

    Izzy mentions the laptop and Camry. Bothered? Heck yeah I am. Ya know why? They also mention he has was fined $12,000. Now maybe I'm wrong, but who pays his salary? The Church? Right? How'd he buy the laptop and own the Camry?

    Seven years. No parks, playgrounds blah blah blah. Did this guy have access to little kids? Maybe to mention as some that read who are not Catholic and this is just me. Just how we were schooled and raised up. We were taught by nuns. The nuns had access to us. Save for confession or Mass of course. Altar boys were another story. Once we got to High School the girls went to the nuns and the boys went to the priests. Our were Opblates and to be fair as I've mentioned before Amen we never had a problem. On the contrary.

    Just wondering if where this guy was assigned did he have access alone with the kids?

    O.K. just asked mom about the defrocking thing. "Once a Priest always a Priest" used to be how it went she says. They'll always be a Priest but they can't perform Sacraments or say Mass? Or so she says that's how it used to be.

    She then added "Instead of worrying about that they should worry about keeping them locked the he*l up. They're worse than anyone that hurts kids because they're supposed to be spiritual leaders." says she. O.K. then. Not sure if she is right about the defrocking process and she said "Oh they'll be changing that too".

    Yikes! Mom all mad.

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