MO MO - Four similar homicides on Indian Creek Trail in Kansas City Aug 2016 *arrest*

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    Man charged in three trail killings indicted in three more

    A grand jury on Friday indicted a man already accused in the shooting deaths of three persons on or near south Kansas City trails and in Grandview with three additional trail killings, according to Jackson County prosecutors.

    Fredrick Demond Scott, 23, is now accused in the slayings of David Lenox, 67, Timothy Rice, 57, and Michael Darby, 61. All three were killed near or along Indian Creek in south Kansas City.

    Last August, prosecutors charged Scott in the shooting deaths of Steven Gibbons, 57, John Palmer, 54, and Karen Harmeyer, 64.

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    Classmate remembers KC homeless woman believed to be victim of alleged serial killer
    When Karen Harmeyer’s body was discovered in July 2017 in Grandview, few details were known about the 64-year-old woman’s life.

    Some had heard she had once been a nurse. Others thought she was originally from Wisconsin. One acquaintance reported that alcohol had been her vice.

    Authorities believe Harmeyer was the fifth of six victims killed by a man who terrorized the Indian Creek trail area in south Kansas City for a year. The body of the first victim was discovered in August 2016 near the trail. As more victims emerged in the following months, fear of a serial killer spread.


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