Found Safe MO - Geneva Genova, 18 mths, & Sara Brown, 32, Poplar Bluff, March 2018

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    Police in Poplar Bluff, Missouri are actively searching for a missing mother and her child.

    Police said they are looking for Sara Ann Brown, 32, of Poplar Bluff and 18-month-old Geneva Genova.

    Dispatch was notified to enter Brown and Genova as missing people. A state-wide broadcast has been done and sent to all agencies to be on the lookout. Brown. She is believed to be traveling in a white 2009 Cadillac CTS bearing Mo License (CL2G5X) according to police.

    According to officials, on Tuesday, March 20 an officer was called to Peggy Lane in reference to a missing person report. The officer spoke to Crystal Lewis who stated her sister, Brown, and her 18-month-old baby were deemed missing by her and her mother.

    Lewis explained to police that Brown has been displaying mental instability recently and she is very concerned for her as well as her child, who she does have custody of according to police.

    Lewis told police that Brown and her daughter had lived in her household until March 7, when she left and did not give a destination. Lewis stated she last talked to Brown on March 16 and during this conversation, Brown would never tell her specifically where she was located.

    Police said Lewis told an officer that she investigated on her own and determined she was located in Osage Beach, Mo. Lewis was able to track down Brown's last known location at a hotel, Osage Beach, Mo.

    She told police that all day Saturday and Sunday Brown's phone was not powered on and on Monday it was a disconnected phone number. Lewis described this behavior as very odd and probable actions due to Brown suffering from paranoia according to police.

    The officer called the Osage Beach hotel and spoke to the clerk. The clerk stated he did have Sara Brown as a guest on Friday, March 16 according to police.

    The clerk said Brown paid for three days stay but on Saturday she came to him and asked for a refund for Sunday because she was checking out. Police said the clerk stated he refunded her money.

    The officer asked the clerk if Brown mentioned where she was going or why she was checking out early and he stated Brown told him that a Lake Ozark Police Officer found a tracking device on her car and she needed to leave the area. The clerk stated he did not confirm that a police officer was indeed on the property, this is by her word of mouth only.

    The clerk confirmed that Brown did indeed have a small child in her possession according to police. The officer then contacted the Lake Ozark Police Department and told them of the investigation. The officer was told that this hotel is pretty far out of their jurisdiction and they would never respond there.

    The officer said he called the Camden County Sheriff's Department, Osage Beach PD, and Highway Patrol and none of these agencies have responded to that hotel or had any contact with Brown. He said he also contacted Mo State Children's Division to ascertain if Brown's baby was in their system and was told she was not.[​IMG]
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    Flyer: [​IMG]
    Photos posted by sister: [​IMG][​IMG]
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    Oh no [emoji20] I hope her paranoia doesn’t lead her to do something to harm her sweet little girl. Scary. Do we know if the sister had custody? Or baby’s dad?

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