MO - Kennedi Powell, 3. Shot in Drive-by Shooting. St. Louis. 9 June 2019

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    "Kennedi Powell and her neighborhood friends had just swarmed her father’s car for a piece of pizza Sunday evening when a white car drove past, and someone inside it opened fire.

    One round struck the 3-year-old in the chest, and another hit her 6-year-old neighbor, Oriel Smith. Kennedi died. Oriel remains in critical condition, police said...

    Sunday night, Kennedi’s mother, father and his friend had just returned from getting pizza, said Kennedi’s grandmother, Tracy Wafford. Kennedi’s mother was sitting inside a red sedan while the men handed out pizza to the children. Hoskin, while watching the children play in the empty lot next to her home, saw a white Nissan with tinted windows approach. Then she heard four or five shots. She thought they were firecrackers because they sparked as they hit the ground. Kennedi’s father’s friend, a nurse, tried to do CPR on Kennedi, but she never regained consciousness, Wafford said."

    Girl, 3, dies after being shot in drive-by in St. Louis; second child critically hurt
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    absolutely heartbreaking. I hope they are able to catch who did this.
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