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Jan 24, 2007
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Please post here any current laws/alerts in place relating to the Missing/UID.
Missing Persons Unit

The Missouri State Highway Patrol recognizes the importance of providing assistance to the families of missing individuals. In 1985, the Missouri General Assembly signed into law state statute 43.402, which established the Missing Persons Unit within the Highway Patrol. Since that date, the Missing Persons Unit has served as the clearinghouse for the State of Missouri, and is an investigative unit within the Patrol's Division of Drug and Crime Control in Jefferson City. This unit provides technical and investigative assistance to law enforcement agencies, and serves as a point of contact for citizens and family members of missing individuals.

Through the Missing Persons Unit, information is compiled, exchanged and disseminated with the goal of helping to locate missing individuals. This unit provides technical and investigative assistance to law enforcement agencies, and serves as a point of contact for citizens and family members of missing persons.

In addition to providing investigative assistance, the Missing Persons Unit also hosts public safety programs, law enforcement training and statistical analysis as requested. Some of the services provided by the Missing Persons Unit include:

Amber Alert/Endangered Person Advisory

The Missing Persons Unit oversees the activation of the Statewide Amber Alert and the Missouri Endangered Person Advisory. Law enforcement agencies wishing to activate the Missouri Amber Alert or Endangered Person Advisory should contact the Missouri State Highway Patrol, Troop F, at (573) 751-1000.

For Amber Alert forms, information concerning Amber Alerts, or to sign up to receive Amber Alerts, click here. For Endangered Person Advisory forms, click here.

Locater Posters

The Missing Persons Unit will, upon request, create missing persons posters to assist law enforcement agencies with investigations. These posters are created using the Locater system and can be disseminated nationwide within a matter of minutes. Posters can also be created to assist families filing missing persons reports.

Interactive Public Website

The Missing Persons Unit website posts photographs and information concerning missing individuals. Citizens may review this site daily, print and disseminate posters, or call with information concerning a possible sighting. This website allows for timely posting and is continuously updated, offering the most current information about missing and unidentified persons, companions and abductors.

Child Identification Program

The Missing Persons Unit will, upon request, visit schools or youth groups to make child identification cards for safekeeping by parents. Using a mobile computer system, the Missing Persons Unit is able to print Child ID cards onsite containing a digital photograph, digital fingerprint and emergency identifying information about each child. The Child ID cards should be kept in a safe, accessible place, such as a billfold or purse. In the event of a separation, parents can immediately present the card to law enforcement for use in disseminating information concerning a missing child.

Child Safety Programs

The Missing Persons Unit is available, to visit with school groups, classes, youth groups, etc. to present safety programs on a variety of topics ranging from Internet Safety to School Bus Safety to Peer Pressure.

Parent Safety Programs

The Missing Persons Unit is available to visit with parent groups, organizations and civic groups about such topics as youth Internet safety, child abduction prevention and more.

DNA Initiative

The Missing Persons Unit will, upon request, work with law enforcement agencies and family members to submit Family DNA Reference Samples for analysis and entry into a national missing persons database. Please contact us for more information.

Toll-Free Telephone Line

The Missing Persons Unit provides a toll-free hotline for parents, law enforcement agencies or others to provide information about missing and unidentified persons. (800) 877-3452.

For more information, please contact:

Sergeant Keverne McCollum, Unit Supervisor or
Heather Elder, Juvenile and Missing Persons Liaison/Clearinghouse Manager

Missouri State Highway Patrol
Missing Persons Unit
PO Box 568
Jefferson City, MO 65102
Phone: (573) 526-6178
Toll-Free: (800) 877-3452
Missouri Revised Statutes
Chapter 43
Highway Patrol, State
Section 43.402

Missing persons unit established, duties.
43.402. The superintendent of the patrol shall organize a missing persons unit within the patrol, which unit shall be the central repository for this state for information regarding missing persons. The head of this missing person unit shall, with the approval of the superintendent of the patrol, establish the services deemed necessary to aid in the location of missing persons including, but not limited to, the following:
(1) Collecting and disseminating information regarding missing persons in order to assist in locating such persons;
(2) Establishing a system of interstate and intrastate communication of information relating to children determined to be missing by the parent, guardian, or legal custodian of the child, or by a law enforcement agency;
(3) Providing a centralized file for the exchange of information on missing children with appropriate private or federal agencies which serve as national coordinators of missing children incidents;
(4) Assisting in the investigation of reports of missing persons by a uniformed or commissioned member of the patrol.
(L. 1988 H.B. 1272, et al., A.L. 1990 H.B. 1370, et al.)
Missouri HB 353 (Section 566.200 – 566.223)
Addresses human trafficking by establishing requirements for international matchmaking organizations. Provides that intentionally providing false or incomplete information required by these provisions is a class D felony.
The Endangered Persons Advisory

Used to develop and coordinate the efforts of law enforcement and the media in order to
increase public participation in safely recovering endangered missing person by ncreased communication and effective resources sharing. The Advisory is used when a person is missing under unexplained circumstances (not just suspicious) and is an at-risk adult or the circumstances fail to meet the criteria for an Amber Alert for a missing child. Information is disseminated to law enforcement agencies, broadcasters, and the public using the same methods as the Amber Alert with the exception of electronic signs, communication capabilities of private entities, and a portal that allows law enforcement to directly issue and update Alerts to any subscribing individual or agency. The Endangered Person Advisory Program is initiated solely by Missouri law
enforcement agencies using the following criteria:
1. Is the person missing under unexplained, involuntary, or suspicious circumstances?
2. Is the person believed to be in danger because of age, health, mental or physical
disability, environment or weather conditions?
3. Is the person in the company of a potentially dangerous person or some other factor that might put the person in peril?
4. Is there information that could assist the public in the safe recovery of the person?

Missouri’s Endangered Person Advisory is a cooperative effort between the Missouri Department of Public Safety, the Missouri State Highway Patrol, the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services, the Missouri Police Chiefs Association, the Missouri Sheriffs Association, and the Missouri Broadcasters Association. Missouri reported that there are no costs associated with the program.
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