GUILTY MO - Matthew Lane for child pornography, Blue Springs, 2009

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    "A Blue Springs [MO] man will spend 12 years in federal prison for receiving and trying to send child pornography over the internet.

    U.S. Attorney Beth Phillips says 33-year-old Matthew William Lane admitted that he used file-sharing software to download child pornography movies over the internet, and that he used the software to allow others to download movies from his computer.

    Investigators found hundreds of movies and images of child pornography on two computers and a thumb drive that were seized from Lane.

    Lane pleaded guilty on November 10, 2009 to attempting to distribute pornography over the internet, receiving child pornography over the internet, and possessing child pornography...."

    Notice that this man, William Lane, pleaded guilty to these charges on November 10, 2009. That's the day that the first five Mohler men were arrested for multiple sex charges against their young relatives. Several of the Mohler men live right around Blue Springs. Hmmmm.

    Just a coincidence?

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