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    This is going to take some time, but let's look at boys missing and murdered between the eighties and Jan 2007.
    We know Devlin liked to take long drives, but how far?
    Johnny Gosch
    Let me just get to the point. I know some people think he took Johnny, but he was SIXTEEN when this happened. Even if he wanted to drive all the way to Des Monies, his modus operandi seems to be holding the boys for a period of time. Not something a teenager can easily do.
    David Borer
    I know he liked long rides, but this is ridiculous. Going to Alaska for a victim is too much.
    Eugene Wade Martin
    Same with Gosch. Think about it, if he DID take Johnny, what's the chances of lightning striking twice? And I think at 18 he lived with his family. Even if he didn't, it might have been hard for him to look after himself at 18, believe me.
    Plus, Martin is out of the age range.
    Nicholas Barclay
    Still out of the age range (remember, Devlin thought Ben was younger), but small. Still, driving all the way to Texas seems a bit much.
    Kevin Andrew Collins
    Too far away.
    Zachary Bernhardt
    Not just the geographical location, but the kid seems to have been snatched from his bedroom, or took a stroll outside at night or early morning.
    George Burdynski
    He DOES look a bit like the recovered boys, but unless we get more information, I don't have any solutions to offer.
    Colt Levi Clark
    Very possible. Looks a bit like Ben and might actually HAVE run away. If so, he could have got closer to Missouri. Even if he hadn't run away, Wewoka is seven hours on Route 44 almost straight through.
    Jack Phillips
    Not geographically possible.
    Ricky Thomas
    Straight down Route 64, but taller and older than his other victims.
    Danny Jackson
    First, he was sighted as being seen with TWO men. Secondly, it is still quite a drive from Kirkwood.
    William Majewski
    Straight through Route 70. Right age and features. Possible.
    Mark Himebaugh
    Too far off, though straight down the interstates. I don't know if Devlin had 'preferences', but I don't know if he'd want to take a child in the afternoon and, unless he was staying nearby, drive back through fifteen-odd hours of traffic.
    David Warner
    Devlin was 17.
    Jacob Wetterling
    The sketch doesn't look like Devlin.
    Marc Allen
    Lightning striking twice...also, outside the age range.
    Garrett Bardsley
    Very hospitable conditions, plus how could he have driven through the area without knowing it well or getting away easily with a victim?
    Patrick Betz
    Too far away.
    Samuel Boehlke
    Too far away.
    William Downey
    Too far away.
    Scott Echols
    Too far away.
    Derrick Engebretson
    They mentioned a suspect. If we knew what they'd look like, it could help. But also too far away. Plus the vehicle that may have been used does not look like the van he may have used to abduct Shawn, a 1983 gray and silver pickup Toyota. Sure, he could have had different vehicles, but the area is just too far away with too many interstates.
    Thomas Billy Lee Tillery
    If he was Devlin's victim, his remains would have been found closer to Kirkwood.
    Brad Hansen
    Devlin HAD been to Arizona, but unsure.
    James Hendrickson
    Same as above.
    Steven Kraft
    Likely. But until we get anything further, just maybe. Plus, I don't know if he was going to see his parents when Steven vanished.
    Scott Kleeschulte
    Very likely. Lived nearby, rural town, looks like the other victims.
    Joshua Mahaffey
    Possible. Lived only an hour and a half away from Kirkwood. Definitely looked younger than fifteen.
    Patrick Mello
    Too far away.
    Justin Richardson
    Same as other Arizona.
    Eric Pyles
    Unlikely. Pennsylvania is quite far away.
    Charles Arlin Henderson
    Unable to find a solution. While he is more likely than the boys on the list (aside from Scott), Devlin reportedly had a lot of people over in 1991, so it would have been hard hiding the boy.
    Dalton Mesarchik
    Likely. On the border, Devlin would have gone to Illinois many times and he had gone to Illinois at one point to abuse Shawn :mad: So it's not out of the question.
    I don't think he took girls.
    So, I just hope this does something.
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    Oh, I forgot to put here.
    Justin Richardson disappeared from Arizona, but could have run away to see his girlfriend in Chicago. The route on Google Maps goes RIGHT BY Devlin's neighborhood.
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    OK, I revised the list and I think I came up with something. I spent AGES trying to work out what he could have done between '95 and '98, before deciding that he seemed to take, if my theory is right, two-year cooling-off gaps. Unusual, but not impossible.

    Right, serial killers tend to start in their late teens and early twenties, so we take 1986 as a focus point. So, let me try again on who I think he took and why I think that.

    Marc Allen, 13, March 1986. Des Monies, Iowa. I said before that I didn't think he did, but I reviewed this. This is a small boy, who looked much younger than his age, was five feet tall and may have been spied on from behind.
    Not as well known as Johnny Gosch and Eugene Martin, he was still taken.
    I believe that Johnny and Eugene were taken as part of a ring. They may still be controlled by said ring. But Marc, I believe, was Devlin's victim.
    The Des Moines sidewalk he last walked down, in the picture it looks like it could be any rural town in America; I'm just saying. Marc was not a paperboy. If the person/people who took Johnny and/or Eugene targeted boys, it would make sense they would snatch another paperboy.
    So Marc does NOT fit.

    Devlin was 19.

    Kenny Joe Johnson, 14, October 1987, Dubuque, Iowa. Another Iowa case. Kenny was killed in October 1987 and dumped in a river. He had run away two days before. He appears much younger than fourteen in his picture, though I do not know his height. He was found in a carpet, which in 1997 was proven to have simply been one dumped in the park by its owner. Kenny was sexually assaulted.

    Devlin was 21.

    Scott Kleeschulte, 8, June 1988, St Charles, Missouri. Scott was last seen near his home in St Charles. Devlin is a suspect and yes, as serial killers begin young, this may be Devlin's work. As Shawn said that Devlin took him to an isolated area and tried to kill him there, maybe that was Devlin's dumping ground?

    Devlin was 21.

    Johnny Lee Mills, Missouri, 1990. This is a tough one. We have NO IDEA who Johnny Mills WAS, just a few pictures of him. Plus, I think I support the theory elsewhere on this site that Johnny was a girl. So this one is hanging up there, but if Johnny turns out to be a girl, then no.

    Devlin was 23.

    James Hendrickson, 12, June 1991, Tuscon, Arizona. I don't exactly know where Devlin went in Arizona, but I do know he went. So I am also looking at boys in the Arizona/New Mexico area. James was at his babysitter's cousin's home, but then went near Oracle Road and Grant Road. He may have stopped at a 7-11 or Circle K. His disappearance is just like Shawn's - a preteen boy simply vanishing into thin air. If Devlin is confirmed to have stayed near Tuscon, then he could be added.

    Devlin was 25.

    George Burdynski, 10, May 1993. Brentwood, Maryland.
    While there seems to be other suspects, the fact that he resembles Devlin's victims, as well as being on a bicycle that has not been found, despite the fact Maryland is a long way from Kirkwood, this could be a possibility. Maybe Devlin was on vacation?

    Devlin was 27.

    Brad Hansen, 13, November 1995, Phoenix, Arizona. While there seems to be another suspect, Brad's friend, Brad was under five feet and may have looked young for thirteen. He was also on a bike. Maybe his friend lied under pressure? I once read this book where a couple of boys pleaded guilty to murder because they had such terrible lives that they didn't care any more. Maybe something like this happened here?

    Devlin was 29.

    Dorien Thomas, 9, October 1998, Amarillo, Texas. Last seen riding his bike around the neighborhood. While there seems to have been an incident involving another killer, plus the fact that Dorien was black, it does remind me of Devlin. Perhaps Devlin didn't care about race?

    Devlin was 32.

    Robert Romero, 7, June 2000, Santa Fe, New Mexico. He was walking to a friend's house when he vanished. One possible route, that goes through Kansas, also goes through Santa Fe.

    Devlin was 34.

    Justin Richardson, 13, July 2001, Grand Canyon, Arizona. Aside from the fact the Grand Canyon is a popular tourist spot, as I said earlier, Justin Richardson may have tried to run away. If that is so, the route goes through St Louis. It is entirely possible that Devlin picked him up, maybe on the way back from Arizona, or saw him wandering around the neighborhood, trying to sleep somewhere or hitch a ride.

    Devlin was 35.

    Dalton Mersarchik, 7, March 2003, Streator, Illinois. Found drowned after being taken from his home. Remember that Kenny was also drowned, so this could be a link. I remember reading that Dalton looked older than seven.

    Devlin was 36.

    Christian Ferguson, 9, June 2003, St Louis. I understand that Dalton was black, but think about this. If someone who knew Dalton wanted to take him, what are the chances of them coming across Dalton very early in the morning, unless they stalked them? But as equipment was left in the car, but the kid taken, this represents one of two reasons. Someone noticed the kid, panicked and killed him, or they planned to take a child. Devlin was opportunistic. I am just putting this out there.

    Devlin was 37.

    Justin Harris, 13, February 2004, Casper, Wyoming. He ran away from the group home he stayed in, but he may have tried to run away to Swink, Oklahoma. Devlin could have picked the boy up along the way, most likely in Oklahoma if he was headed to Arizona. The resemblance to Ben is uncanny.

    Devlin was 37.

    Colt Levi Clark, 9, April 2006, Wewoka, Oklahoma. Colt probably ran away, but Wewoka is near the route that goes directly to Arizona. So it is likely that Devlin took him.

    Devlin was 40.

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