Identified! MO - St Louis Co., WhtMale, 45-65, along river, Dec'11 - Eric Swanson

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    I found this case in our local paper.

    From NamUS:

    Estimated age Adult - Pre 60
    Minimum age 45 years
    Maximum age 65 years
    Race White
    Sex Male
    Weight (pounds) , Cannot Estimate
    Height (inches) 73, Estimated

    David Cook
    Robert Cox
    Norman Held
    Daniel Wolf

    Extremities: Arms/hands are missing -- only proximal humeri present. Left femur is complete. Right femur is fractured near midshaft - lower legs and feet missing postmortem.

    Evidence of arthritic changes in the cervical spine (neck). Evidence of remote antemortem right shoulder surgery for possible reattachment of muscle or ligament.

    #4 - Dental Implant (post only)
    #30 -Antemortem extraction with open socket

    GPS coordinates
    Address 1 #1 River Road
    Address 2 Banks of the Mississippi River
    City St. Louis
    State Missouri
    Zip code 63125
    County St. Louis

    ST. LOUIS COUNTY • Investigators are looking for help identifying human skeletal remains found more than a month ago along the Mississippi River near Lemay.

    The partial skeleton of a man was found by two people walking along the river Dec. 11 among trash and debris about 25 feet from shore near the J.D. Streett & Co. property in the first block of River Road.

    Gwen Haugen, a forensic investigator with the St. Louis County Medical Examiner's Office, says the man appears to have been caucasian ranging in age from 45 to 65 years and about 5'10" to 6'5" tall.

    Although the skeleton is missing its hands, parts of its arms and lower legs, the most promising identifying characteristic is evidence of a surgery on the right shoulder bones. Also, Haugen said the man's teeth show he had extensive dental work including fillings, an implant and a crown.

    The skeletal remains had no accompanying clothing when they were found, Haugen said. Haugen believes the man died anywhere from four months to one year before being discovered.

    A full report on the remains including photos of the man's jaw, teeth and shoulder bones can be accessed by searching the National Missing and Unidentified Persons System database.

    Anyone with information about the unidentified man is asked to call St. Louis County police at 314-889-2341.
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    there are so many missing in the area that fits that description
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    he's in Namus with much better descriptions. now estimated at 6'1".

    there are 29 official rule outs, most of which were from MO. scary that there are that many missing men from the heartland:

    Steven Alyea 1961 Missouri
    Richard Bowles 1960 Missouri
    Robert Braun 1957 Missouri
    Douglas Brucks 1953 Missouri
    Paul Cappo 1950 Missouri
    Robert Clifft 1944 Arkansas
    Jeffery Cockrum 1961 Missouri
    David Cook 1952 Missouri
    Robert Cox 1953 Arkansas
    Jim Culbertson 1953 Missouri
    James Denney 1952 Missouri
    Phillip Erwin 1952 Missouri
    Clay Foreman 1960 Missouri
    Robert Garman 1962 Missouri
    Vernold Gerler 1946 Missouri
    Daniel Giammanco 1963 Missouri
    Charles Heese 1955 Missouri
    Norman Held 1946 Mississippi
    Salvatore Manzo 1927 Missouri
    Mark Maty 1951 Missouri
    Michael McAvoy 1957 Missouri
    Larry Plummer 1949 Missouri
    Mark Pratt 1967 Missouri
    Robert Schmidt 1929 Missouri
    Donald Shaw 1934 Missouri
    Paul Stubblefield 1939 Missouri
    Rodney Wagner 1957 Missouri
    Danny Wilson 1963 Missouri
    Daniel Wolf 1964 Missouri
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    Identified as Eric G Swanson.

    PS. Can we keep our little glitch as quiet as possible? I've been using it for ages and I'd hate to lose it because someone has been reading this forum.
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    I'll go back and edit out anything I may have put in that calls attention to this!
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    It's a wonderful glitch! I hate thinking our members are spending precious time on cases that are solved!

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