Identified! MO - St Louis, Male body UP11839, in river, Nov'13 - Name not found

Discussion in 'Identified!' started by dewey decimal, Dec 6, 2013.

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    New case in NamUS:

    Found in the Mississippi River; with Thermal undershirt, hooded grey sweatshirt, underwear, jeans, black belt; Ankle socks, high top athletic shoes gray/white; Earbuds; Wallet (no identification), Circle K rewards card, one key with a Walmart inscription, 2 blister packs of gum.

    Interesting that he had earbuds; makes me think he was not homeless. I also wonder if the rewards card had any type of barcode that they could link back to a name/phone number.

    Edit: found this article which estimates age at 20-30 years:
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    According to the site, the Circle K Rewards card is only used in IA, IL, IN, KY and MO. It appears to be the type of loyalty card you can pick up at the counter and use on each visit to the convenience store and it's only linked to your name if you register the card in your name on the website.

    Dewey decimal's suggestion was a good one. If Circle K has records of when and where the card's barcode was scanned, maybe they could match it up with surveillance video if that still exists. They'd at least have an image of the UID when he was alive as well as a name if he paid with a credit card.
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    I guess he was identified. Permission Error when trying to look at the Namus link.
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    I am going ahead and marking this thread ID'd. If anyone finds out any differently, I can always return the thread to the main forum.

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